it's pretty dicey

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross is a modern re-imagining on the classic dice game that’s been played around the world, known as many different names including- Liar’s Dice, Bluff, Mexicali, and Perdo. It is a wild, fast, stimulating, and hilarious party game that transcends language barriers and cultural differences. When not in use, the game assembles into a beautiful and curious sculpture that you leave out to sparking conversations and serves as a reminder to play. With the infusion of game play into an elegant form we like to call ‘Dis-play-able’, we have received many awards and recognition, including Red Dot, IDSA, Dieline, Core77, Spark Awards, and A’Design.

the art of bluffing

The product is very simple, comprising of three core elements: 6 cups, the hub and the dice. Out-think, out-lie, and out-bluff in this fast and furious redesigned version of the most popular dice game in the world! Place bids based on the probability of other players' hidden dice. If you get challenged, better hope that your claim has legs. Lose a bet, you lose a die. A poker face, a sharp mind, and a bit of luck is what you'll need to be the last one standing. Comes with 6 cups and 30 dice. Watch the video below to see it in action.

fewer better things

With a minimalistic approach to design, our mindset is to make “Fewer Better Things.” Thus, we aim to create a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. This philosophy was applied to every element of the product, including the packaging, which is made from environmentally conscious molded paper pulp, which can be recycled, or will decompose, helping to stop the pollution of the world for our children. The packaging also utilizes the iconic form of the product, which tessellates and stacks to reduce shipping and storage volume by 30% compared to a traditional box, reducing our consumption of precious energy, and the overall carbon footprint of the product.


  • "A dice game so beautiful you never want to put it away" - Notcot
  • "A game that belongs on a shelf, not stuffed into a dusty cabinet" - Gear Patrol
  • "Your next party game." - Cool Material
  • "It’s fast-paced and full of shouting, which makes it perfect for parties." - The Upscout
  • "If there is any evidence that low-tech games are far from gone, it is Mr. Pip’s Double Cross Dice Game." - Hi Consumption


Behind the brand is Pip Tompkin Studio, the award winning design consultancy based in Los Angeles. When the largest, most advanced thinking companies in the world want to see the future, they come to us. Pip Tompkin Studio is a design think tank based in Los Angeles that provides innovative design solutions that shape the future.

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a game designed to spark personal connection and personal interaction, while adding beauty and reducing clutter in our lives. Recognizing our culture’s focus on global connection through technology, Mr. Pip presents a solution to readdress the imbalance towards more intimate interaction with friends and family. Utilizing the element of décor, Mr. Pip’s Double Cross is designed to remind people to play. As a brand, our goal is to identify and acquire design-focused and fashion-forward customers, and ultimately define the future for tabletop gaming products.

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